Education Galaxy as a Revolution in Online-based Education

Education is inseparable in the development of human civilization and since children are the main milestones of civilization in the future, we must ensure education for our children goes in the right direction and also in accordance with the times. Today the Internet is an inseparable part of the lives of our children and instead of moving them away from the global computer network, why don’t we use the Internet to support education for our children?

Every day new sites emerge and if we are observant in seeing the situation, this indicates that people’s interest in surfing is increasing day by day. Children are individuals with great curiosity and it seems impossible to keep them completely from surfing the Internet. What we can do is direct them so that their online activities do not have a negative impact on their health (physical and psychological). We must ensure they surf responsibly.

The internet is a medium for transferring information

The internet is actually a medium for transferring information. With the Internet everyone can send information to others without distance and in a very short time. Since education is the process of transferring information, the Internet is one of the best channels to educate. Today, education is not limited to classes and Google is probably the best and fastest teacher for some people. But it should be noted that although Google has revolutionized the way people search for information, not all information in the search engine is really useful. The biggest search engines cannot fully filter which information is useful, which is not useful and which is misleading. We must be careful, especially if our children always automatically access Google to find every information we need.

Why online education is a necessity

Online education is a necessity because information exchange occurs more quickly day by day. Instead of relying only on search engines to find information why we don’t introduce online education sites to our children. Online education sites are sites that are specifically packaged to educate children according to the level of education they are in. Their content has been adapted so that it can be understood by children and not only easy to understand, most online education content is designed to encourage them to develop the logic and creativity they have.

Education Galaxy

This is one of several quality education sites that can be accessed easily by anyone. With a friendly interface, this site managed to attract many parents to register to improve their children’s academic abilities in a fun way. Some online education sites have an overly standard appearance so instead of increasing children’s motivation to learn, they actually bring them boredom. But Education Galaxy offers learning with fun methods. Many interesting features are offered and all are provided at affordable prices and more importantly, they are fixed! For just $ 5.99 / month, clients can get interesting educational features in 1 subject and 1 grade level. This site is managed by experienced educators and they are accustomed to using the latest educational methods that can be applied in the classroom or online. One of them is Jeanne Bodnar who founded TeacherWeb in 1996, a site that makes it easy for teachers to build a website that serves to share class information with students and their parents.

Education Galaxy Login

Before logging in, the client must register first. There are two options available; as a teacher or school administrator or as a parent. The $ 5.99 / month monthly bill above is for parents and if you register as a teacher or school administrator, free and premium accounts are available. To register you only need to fill in some basic information and proceed with PayPal or credit card data in case you register for premium accounts. After registering you can log in only with your username and password that you have previously selected.

Education Galaxy Student Login

This page is reserved for students. The initial requirements needed to log in are student ID and PW. Students log in at the same place as the incoming teacher. After the log in process is complete, students will be faced with the choice of the Personal Study Plan. This plan is displayed along with 10 assessment questions and needs to be noted, these questions are raised randomly to ensure that whatever answers are given, it is a reflection of the students’ actual abilities. There are several other submenus such as My Resources, My Tasks and Gifts & Recognitions, each of which is packaged to be easily accessible.

For anyone interested in getting the latest educational features, visiting the official page of Education Galaxy located at is recommended. With a friendly interface everyone will feel comfortable accessing every feature provided.

Education Galaxy is truly the best example of how the revolution brought by the Internet influences education for children in a better direction.


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