Instagram is commonly known as a major player in social media these days, especially among young adults, with 68% of its users being under the age of 35. With approximately one billion Instagram users out there, this means that roughly 680 million people under the age of 35 use Instagram. As businesses need to continuously update their client base and bring in younger customers, any business looking to get ahead needs to be aware of the potential clients that are on offer. It’s simply a matter of getting on Instagram and knowing how to get these people interested in your product or service. With such a large audience waiting for you, it is certainly worth the effort to take the time to build up an influential Instagram account.

For those of you who are new to Instagram and are wondering how it works, here we hope to offer you a brief overview of three of the most important facets that make up this highly-influential social media app, starting with…


Followers are the most important component of any Instagram profile so it’s important to know what they are and what they can do for you and your company by interacting with your Instagram account. Once followers begin following you, they can access your content and through this they can start getting a better idea of what you are offering and the products and services you want to promote through your Instagram account. By having access, your followers can see the updates you post on Instagram, such as pictures, videos and messages. They can also interact with you by leaving comments or sending DMs. Getting followers is the first step as it will then lead to more exposure for your content. As your followers proceed to interact with your profile and its content, it will appear more often across Instagram and this will also lead to more attention and, quite possibly, more followers. Once you have followers, you need to produce regular content so that they are seen to be interacting with it which, in turn, leads to further exposure for your profile and its content and one way of doing this is through…


Likes are a very simple but wonderfully effective tool used by Instagram to gauge Instagrammers’ reactions to the content uploaded by its numerous users. It is a straightforward process: when you are browsing through Instagram and you come across a piece of content which you appeciate, you just take a second to tap the heart button beneath it or double-tap the screen and your like is registered with Instagram. As Instagram is a quick-fire and visual medium, this is the perfect format for showing your interest in the content on offer. It only takes a second and is positive feedback for the user posting it. What’s more, if you can get more likes, your content will move up the Instagram rankings and it will have the chance of gaining more exposure as it is promoted for more and more people to see. Once you have followers giving you likes and you start getting more attention, then the next important factor to consider in Instagram is…


Comments are the next important way for you to get attention on Instagram and make the most of your followers. Comments offer Instagram users the opportunity to communicate in a more direct and meaningful way with the creators of Instagram content that they are interested in. While likes are a simple way to quickly demonstrate the interest you may have in Instagram content, a comment allows for Instagram users to give a more detailed evaluation and allows you to include more personalised information, thus allowing for a more genuine interaction with the user. Through the comments feature, Instagram users can work on effectively building relationships with their followers or anyone else who may be interested in their account. This offers the opporunity to woo your followers and make a greater impression on them. If you can do this successfully then your popularity, and that of your Instagram account, is bound to increase, leading to a significant boost on Instagram as a whole.

While these are the main areas to focus on when using Instagram, it may prove difficult to do it all on your own. It’s important to remember that there are websites out there which are dedicated to helping people get the most out of Instagram. One such place you need to know about is iigers as it is a website which can lend a helping hand to anybody who is getting started on Instagram. They offer Instagram users various options to get more attention on the social media site, whether it be by providing likes, comments or followers. All of these can be used, if done so efficiently, to push your Instagram account forward and get more attention for your Instagram account and the ends you are using it for. It requires an investment on your part but the end results will surely make it worthwhile as the benefits of Instagram for your business are far greater than any investment you will make.

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