How to Install and Configure Dnsmasq


Actually people know and love Dnsmasq and rely on it for their local name services now and today are looking at advanced configuration file management and to test configurations and basic security DNS wildcards, speedy DNS configurations and some other tips and tricks. Next week will continue and with the detailed look at how to configure DNS and DHCP.

The Dnsmasq gives domain name system forwarder and configuration protocol server and router advertisement and networking boot features for small computer networks. It is designed to be lightweight and have a small footprint suitable for the resource constrained routers and firewalls.

dnsmasq config

Dnsmasq accepts DNS queries and either answers them from small and local cache or May also forwards them to a real recursive DNS server. It actually loads the contents and hosts so that local hostnames and which do not appear into the global DNS can also be resolved and also answer DNS queries for DHCP configured hosts.

It supports static address assignments and multiple networks and automatically sends a sensible default set of DHCP features and options. It can also be send any of the desired set of DHCP options and including the vendor encapsulated options. As aside make sure not to tell DHCP to set the hostname and when it obtains lease and is not reliable since the DHCP server gets the hostname from DNS which is in the case is dnsmasq.

Dnsmasq conf

The dnsmasq conf coded with small embedded systems in mind and also aims for the smallest possible memory footprint and compatible with the helpful functions and allows unneeded to be omitted from the compiled binary. It also aims for the smallest possible memory footprint compatible with the supported and applicable functions and allows more and successful ways.

dnsmasq ubuntu

In the simple configuration described above process local to the machine and will not use dnsmasq since and they get their information about which name servers to use from resolv.conf. It is the way which is set to the upstream name servers to fix this and also simply replace and name server in. now can do this as using either the server option or putting them into the another file and also as dnsmasq about location with the options.


The protocols most used for automatic IP network configuration PPP and DHCP can also determine the IP addresses for namservers automatically. So as those daemons can be made to write about a file into the resolv.conf format with the nameservers in which is perfect for dnsmasq. You need to get your DHCP client to write the address and DNS servers to file the other than for DHCOCD or dhcpcd. Script gets run with the addresses of nameserver.

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