Recover Deleted or Formatted Photos from SSD Card for Free

From time to time it happens that you need to quickly recover photos from a memory card, but no commercial recovery program has been purchased. Whether you need to recover deleted files from a computer disk or save a formatted card, or if the card has been disconnected when you put it on your computer and all its contents have disappeared, there is helpĀ on page.

There is PhotoRec, a program that is really handy and completely free. It just does not have such a nice interface and looks like something from DOS (for the younger: “like the Matrix,” for even younger: as the last indie game).

However, if you are not afraid of the DOS / Command Line or want to feel like a terribly dense hacker, PhotoRec is exactly the tool that will satisfy your needs.

Before we start, you should, if possible, right in the first level of the C drive, create the folder where you want your restored photos to be saved. During the restoration of your photos after you, PhotoRec will just want to select that folder. Files are then stored in other, nested folders so they will not overwrite when rebooted.

The next step will be to get PhotoRec over web.

After downloading the file, unpack it and run the program.

Before you select a specific part of this disk from which you want to restore photos, you have to choose which specific file types you want to save (if you do not want to save all types, which would be time consuming and unnecessary). Use Horizontal arrows to select File Opt.

Use the arrow keys to scroll through the file types and select the space bar. When you press S, either all or none are selected. When you are done, press B to confirm. Press Enter then return to the Format selection menu and the next back to selecting a portion of the disc. Select a specific disc here and select Search.

To refine – first press S to remove all the files, and then you have to find the file types you want to restore in the list.

To save files from a SSD card or hard disk, select Other. The second option is for non-Windows operating systems, memory cards are usually in FAT32.

After all this process, if your SSD card data is still non-recoverable, contact the SSD data recovery specialistsĀ here.

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