Coastal Weekend Destinations for Bangalore Travellers

The coasts of India are not just about beaches and waves – some of the richest cultures and most diverse wilderness areas are also found in these regions. One can easily connect with friends and family by renting self drive cars and enjoying a trip of a lifetime. Here are some top recommendations for coastal retreats from Bangalore.


The 300-km journey from Bangalore to Pondicherry is also a chance to explore the countryside of Tamil Nadu. As one approaches the coast, the scenery changes and expansive farmland is replaced by swaying palms. Pondicherry is a haven for those who seek an idyllic getaway – travellers can the entire trip just cruising around the French Quarters and discovering the beaches of the East Coast Road. Some of the popular ones are Auroville Beach and Paradise Beach. Auroville is famous for its ashrams and the Matri Mandir. When in Pondicherry, foodies can visit for the many bakeries and eclectic restaurants that serve everything from Chettinad to Italian.


With its many beaches and a bohemian mix of backpackers from all over the world, Gokarna is undoubtedly Karnataka’s most loved beach destinations. The road trip to Gokarna is also worth the experience. The distance from Bangalore is around 480 km and it involves some of the most scenic routes in the country. From the rugged Deccan scenery to the verdant mountains, Bangalore to Gokarna is like living through a geography and cultural lesson. The ocean suddenly opens up as one reaches the cliffs that give way to the famous Ohm Beach. Gokarna town is one of the holiest Hindu sites in the region and its flea markets and temple complexes are worth exploring.


An important port city, Mangalore is close to many secluded and famous beaches, making it a perfect base for a weekend getaway. The journey from Bangalore is a 370-km trip west and towns along the way include Hassan and Nelamangala. Mangalore is known for its quintessential coastal atmosphere – a town that is home to resplendent temple architecture and a celebrated cuisine. Some of the most dramatic shorelines can be found in the regions near the town. Recommended beaches for travellers are Panambur, Tannirbhavi and Someshwara Beach. Popular landmarks in the town include the St. Aloysius Chapel, the Rosario Cathedral and the Mangala Devi Temple, famous for its Kerala-style architecture.


One of the more offbeat coastal destinations that one can visit from Bangalore, Karwar has its own unique charm that blends terrain and history. The drive from the city is an exciting 522-km journey that takes the curious traveller from the open plateau landscape to winding hill roads that kiss the blue ocean. Flanked between sea and forest, Karwar is a scenic place to explore – Binaga and Karwar beaches are a good start and the Oyster Rock Lighthouse is another iconic landmark. Inland attractions include the Anshi National Park, home to the Bengal Tiger.

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