My Opinion About Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a developed RPG game available for Android and iOS. The title developed by Gumi Inc that brings an adventure full of fantasy and charismatic creatures, in a gameplay that is very reminiscent of good old RPGs based on shifts. The game is done through quests. The player has a power bar with a certain ceiling value and each of the quests (he/she performs) spends an amount of energy. When it is over, it is necessary to wait for it to reach an amount that allows the player to enter new days.

The quests, or adventures, consist of successive fights followed by a special battle against a monster of a higher level, the boss. When winning each new combat, the player gains jewelry and has the chance to receive items or hearts, which serve to recover the life of their characters throughout the adventures (which can only be done by means of potions). Mechanics work through characters. The player can have up to six of his warriors in combat at once. Battles work through shifts where the user performs individual or coordinated attacks and then waits for the enemies to do their actions. For more information about this, visiting Brave Frontier Reddit is suggested.

There is also a mechanics of elements in the game that work in the style “stone, paper and scissors”, that is, all elements have an advantage against one element and disadvantage against another – and no element is exempt from this rule. This is a key question to build the strategy of combat, when trying to always put a team that can handle anything, regardless of its elements.

The player’s units can also be improved, which makes them stronger and more efficient in combat, through a system of mergers and improvements. The player himself also evolves and aspects like maximum energy level are better, allowing the player to evolve faster.

My opinion

The Brave Frontier is an RPG game that tries to bring back the experience of the classics, where the action was divided into shifts and each decision counted towards the final result of the fighting. The mechanics are a little different and bring new aspects, but the feel is quite similar.

The gameplay is quite simple. In addition to the simplistic action of attacking the weaker character, the game features a mechanics of elements that take advantage of others, which adds a whole strategic layer of planning when setting up your combat team. A simple character with the wrong element at the wrong time can make it worse.

The graphics of the game follow a manga style. The characters have few sets of moves that may even seem somewhat repetitive in the early stages of the game. However, the game does not stand in the way of variety. Although the pre-sets are the same, there are a multitude of combinations that can be generated by mergers and various types of monsters that change not only in color but in shapes and abilities.

There are some levels of difficulty in the game, which can easily catch the user off guard if he does not have his strategy well defined. However, on the whole, it is quite easy to get the ball out of the game, and once the mechanics get clear in the player’s mind, battles become too easy. Brave Frontier is a game with a very high production quality that captivates the player with the nostalgia of the classic RPGs of another generation. Problems exist, but you can easily deal with them to take advantage of a good, robust application.


– Good graphics
– Very varied and complete game


– Does not present as much challenge
– Can be a bit monotonous

Need more info? Just go to Reddit Brave Frontier!

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