Basketball Stars: The game that brings all of what you love in playing basketball

Are you a basketball lover? Like playing basketball games? If your answer is YES then you are on the right page. You will definitely like the Basketball Stars. Basketball Stars is a Miniclip game for Android devices, it looks like a street basketball player and goes into a lot of fights with people all over the world. No professional basket, blocks, times and rules, here you play in the streets, for big money bets, be it hand-to-hand games, or who makes more free baskets. Interested? Get Basketball Stars Unblocked now!

There are two modes provided, “Striker – Defender”;  the winner is the one making 11 points first and the opponent has the freedom to block us and try to take the ball and the “Basket Race” where we play a series of free throws against the opponent. In addition, we have an offline mode that allows the player to train their moves and tactics. By running the offline mode we can prepare ourselves to get better results. Instead of relying on the luck, it’s better to prepare and learn.

The game has total dependence on the internet; this is because you will never be playing alone. You will fight against real opponents (other players online at the moment) and each game requires a bet value with the currency that circulates in the game, starting in lower bets and increasing considerably. The interesting point here is that if you lose the game, you lose that value and without money you can’t enter new games, the option is to wait a period of time, when the game gives you another 500, being possible to participate in the smallest bet. The smallest bet, however, can bring you to a big prize if you’re lucky enough. Of course if you really want to get what more than just playing. You can get more than just playing and we’re talking about big money. If you can’t wait for the chance, it’s better for you to get nick Basketball Stars Unblocked soon.

This money, in addition to being used for matches, can also be used to customize your character; you can modify it completely, and buy clothes and new basket balls that give you better accuracy at launch. The gameplay is thought of on the touchscreen, and the player will find that the existing moves, launch, block and dribble are easy to make and intuitive. You can express your playing style even though you’re not good enough in real basketball. If you know what I mean.

How about the look of the game?

The look of the game follows a cartoon style, but with good textures and details. The sound effects are also good. Unfortunately it is not possible to invite your friends to a match as the game itself puts the opponent at random. Considering that it is an exclusively multiplayer game, it is a great failure to not allow friends to compete with each other. The random selection in one side brings a fair competition but in another side makes a boring situation.

Free but with internal purchases

Is it free? It can be said “Yes”. The Basketball Stars including Basketball Stars Unblocked Miniclip is free but with internal purchases, however it is possible to evolve within the game without incurring actual expenses, but this requires a certain amount of dedication, especially when considering that each game lost means large amounts of the scarce internal money of the game being consumed. Just be careful and everything will be okay.

For every basketball lover, this game should not be missed out and hopefully by reading this article you can enrich your information about Basketball Stars. Good luck and happy playing!

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