How To Write Essay For Audience

When you have specific topic for essay writing and you understand the topic, it is not the only aspect for writing the essay that you know about the topic, you have to also identify your audience for having a good piece of writing. Because as a writer your audience is not only your teachers or class mate, there is no doubt they will read your essay, but you should take it in a broad sense. Obviously your audience will be from different group of the society that you want to educate or discus the topic on different grounds.

Why we should consider the audience.

If you have any idea about your audience,definitely that will help you to determines the writing stuff or content that you will discuss in the essay. The writing material in the essay related to your topic will be different as per your targeted audience or you can say, your focus on topic and audience will have equally.

For instance, you are writing an essay for most important tricks and techniques to become the best swimmer of the world. But if the reader is don’t know about the swimming and he or she have never been in to water before,the guidelines will be different  as compare to those who little bit know about the swimming and want to improve their skill as a professional so they can win the competition or tournament. For that reader who has never been to water before, the guidelines will be very basic, on the other hand for those who know about the swimming, the guidelines will be on advance level. It shows that the topic of the essay(how to become a best swimmer of the world) is same for both audience, but the guidelines will be different for both readers.

Knowing about your targeted audience for your essay will also help you to answer the frequently asked question. For example your topic is related to medical science, and you are discussing different disease like Asthma, Tuberculosis, etc. Most probably you do not need to explain it to them, because they are already familiar with the symptom’s and cure, but on the other side if you use the complex medical term with the group of non-medical reader, probably you have to explain the cause and the symptoms of the disease.

This is why, we should consider who our targeted audience is, so they can get benefited with the effort you have done for them.

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