Sobbing the government decisions on the Wats app in Saudi Arabia is in cyber crime

The social media sources including the Wats app will be torn to stimulate, stimulate, or eliminate the peace process on political media sources in Karsabbar Crime. The Saudi public prosecutor has issued warnings to citizens and foreigners that it is a crime to share the message of social arbitrary government decisions or political system in social media, which can be punished for 5 years imprisonment and 30 rounds.

what is GB whatsapp and Its Features

Interfering with social habits, religious teachings and principles and other private life will also be counted in cyber crime. Sending, sharing or saving in this category is also a crime. #About the Authorities and Consumer General Authorities, Banking and Financial Services, and the resources of the European Union and the European Union, and the Government of India: – The information provided by the Consumer Accountants, and the third quarter of the quarter. “Pic.twitter. com / lPfiDJJWcf – النيابة العامة (@bip_ksa) September 3, 2018

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