5 Tips for Relieving Anxiety in College


As cool it may sound, the fact is that the college life is pretty stressful. You have to manage all your assignments, keep on track with the syllabus and then adjust to your new surroundings. The comfort of your home is no longer there. No comfort food and no motherly love when you get sick.

Anxiety is common, and while taking Rhodiola Rosea Extract can help you deal with it, bringing in a few simple changes to your lifestyle works wonders too.

The Top 5 Tips to Help You Relieve Anxiety

Here are top 5 ways in which you can beat the blues out in your college:

  1. Be the Planner

College life is all about surprise outings and tests as well. You can get your things in place if you get yourself planned and adhere to the schedule. From completing your assignment to doing the chores, make a regular schedule. This way you will know how much time you have and will also be prepared for anything.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Health:

Stop banging on the fast food. It may be saving your time, but it is actually doing more harm to your health. Eat healthily and do regular exercise. Take out at least half an hour every day to do some stretching or yoga. If you live in the dorm, walk to your class. Get yourself a bicycle and use it for doing your errands. Your being healthy will ensure your regularity at the college.

  1. Don’t cram yourself to death:

Admitted that college is the level where your career takes shape. But it is not healthy to be always immersed in the books and taking no part in the co-curricular activities. Be an active member of some hobby club which you like. Play games. Go out on outings. These will ensure that you get a broad outlook on life. Interacting with more people will definitely bring a positive outlook on life.

  1. Be Gentle with Yourself:

Don’t blame yourself for every silly mistake. You are a normal human being and it is not a big issue. This way you will learn to learn from the mistakes. If you begin to blame yourself, you will develop a kind of hesitation in trying anything new. So, always love yourself first. You can feel sorry or guilty but don’t let that feeling take a toll on your mental strength.

  1. Keep away yourself from Alcohol and Cigarettes:

A freshman gets a lot of independence once moving away from the home. You may meet people who will tell you that smoking, and drinking reduce stress. But this is the first step to addiction. This will harm your health as well as financial status and can have far-fetched implications. So, never indulge in these habits.

These simple tips are all that you need to stay focused and get the grades you deserve. Having a good discipline can help you get more work done on time and manage workload better. We hope your freshman year will be anxiety-free and smooth sailing.

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