A Short Guide on Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is a standard tool for testing capacity of a candidate who is applying for a particular job. It is a test to analyse how well a candidate can perform the tasks and how will he behave under different situations. There are different types of such tests and all have systematic methods of score and the administration as well. The results are compared with all the others who are appearing for the same test. The test is impersonal and prior knowledge and experience is not taken into consideration. The tests are done to check the general ability and skills of the applying candidate.

How are they done?

These test can be done manually, that is a paper test. But today with the improved technology mostly the tests are done online. The test is taken after the submission of online application. This test is very useful as hiring person can filter the unfit candidates at the initial stage itself.  This will also save time of the HR Department. Also, there are many corporatesthat outsource the test services and that will help them to save their time. Though not the tests are perfect, they will help you to choose the right candidate for you. This is done before the interview so your time is saved. The tests are the best indicators of how the candidate is going to respond to the situations that he comes across while doing his job.

Types of aptitude tests

There are different types of aptitude test and you can choose a type as per your choice and needs of the job role.

Numerical reasoning tests-

In this test the candidates are needed to give answer to the questions those are based on figures charts and statistics. From this you will be able to find out the numerical ability of the candidate.

Verbal reasoning tests-

In these types of aptitude test,the candidates are required to give the verbal reasons. You can find out their verbal skills through this test. This test also helps you to check the grasping power of the candidate.  This will also help you to understand how well a candidate will be able to do a task priority.

Diagrammatic tests-

These kinds of test will help you measure the logical reasoning of a candidate.

Situational judgement tests-

These are Psychological tests that can check the judgement of a candidate in solving the problems those are related to day to day working.

Inductive reasoning tests-

These tests are done in order to identifyhow good a candidate at logic is. This will check the pattern ability of a candidate.

Cognitive ability tests-

This test will help you to test the cognitive ability of the candidate. These will also help you to analyse intelligence level of the candidate.

Mechanical reasoning tests-

These kinds of tests check the ability of an applicant to apply engineering andmechanicalprincipal for a problem. These are generally used for some technical roles.

Watson Glaser tests-

These tests are made to check the ability of a candidate to handle the arguments. These tests are best for you if you are a legal firm.

Abstract reasoning tests-

This is inductive reasoning tests in which you can check the reasoning capacity of the candidate.

The benefits that these tests offer

The tests will save your time as well as money. As you take the test, you will not have to spend more time in interview; interview will be just a formality. This will also help you to save your money as the perfect candidate will not leave the job and you will not have to conduct the test and interview again and again. This test can be taken online and you again save your time and candidates can save their time for transportation.  The aptitude tests are result oriented and you will get the perfect result.

Get the perfect candidate

The tests are very accurate and getting the perfect candidate for your company is easy now.  The test will also assist you to choose kind of people with whom you can work nicely and it can be a great team work indeed. It can also help to analyse what stage of work satisfaction you can give to them. It can also tell you if the candidates can handle the targets or not.

Group interface

This is one of the areas where the test can verify helpful. The test will help you to understand the nature and behavioural patterns of the candidate and this will be really useful to you while you are working together. These tests are generally taken by sports organisation in order to check the team ability of the candidates. From the test you can check the inborn abilities of a candidate. This is the way it can be a great team work and all the members can motivate each member very well.


This will also help you to check the personality if the candidates. Not just the candidates but you can also check your characteristics and your nature. This is the way you can bring some changes in your behaviours that will again help you and your team.  You can also get convenience where you canreally overcome your week points. Youcan also improve your behaviour if needed. This is the way you can have a great team work indeed.

In this way, the test will assist you to make your recruitment easy fast as well as accurate. Just go for the test and be sure.

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