Tech Savvy Ways to Prepare for the MCAT

Preparing for the MCAT can be an extremely daunting process. It feels like your entire future rests upon your ability to answer incredibly difficult, specific questions. In the age of technology, there is a wide range of available online services from live online courses to self-paced options and phone apps that can help you prepare for the MCAT and get one step closer to your career in healthcare.

1. Kaplan Live Online Course

This choice is a great option for anyone who doesn’t live in an area where in-person courses are offered. While this class is still offered at set times, the student can access the courses from anywhere they want, making it accessible to a wide range of students. All online courses feature fifteen different versions of the Kaplan MCAT practice test along with review videos, thousands of practice questions, subject review tests, and access to Kaplan’s “The MCAT Channel” featuring electives to help meet your individual study needs. The live courses offered by Kaplan feature both basic and advanced options so each student can customize their experience.

2. Kaplan Self-Paced Online Course

If you’re unable to meet at a specific time for the live courses, Kaplan has you covered with self-paced options allowing you to choose both where you study online and when. Similar to the live courses, the self-paced options feature practice tests and items, interactive videos, hundreds of hours of instruction, and subject-specific tests. There are both basic and advanced options available based on your individual needs.

3. Princeton Review Test Prep

This online, on-demand option is another good option for the student looking for flexible, online options. Featuring 11 full length tests, over 100 hours of instruction, and access available for nine months, this option will help any student prepare for the MCAT.

4. MCAT prep apps

Study on-the-go with the wide range of phone applications specifically suited towards helping you study for the MCAT. Check out our top-rated apps next time you’re looking through iTunes, the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

  1. MCAT Once a Day

This FREE choice won’t serve all of your MCAT-based study needs, but is reviewed as a great in-between study guide for long bus, train, plane, or car rides. Open it up during commercial breaks when you’re watching TV or the next time you’re stuck in a waiting room to brush up on your MCAT skills. And really, it’s free, so what’s the harm in at least trying it out?

  1. MCAT Review

This app is actually a conglomeration of study tools from the MCAT Physics, Chemistry, and Biology study guides to bring all of your study materials into one place that is available at your fingertips at anytime and anywhere. While this app does cost $20, this is quite the penny-pinching option for those overwhelmed by the staggering prices from full online and in-person courses.

  1. MCAT Prep: Practice Tests and Flashcards

This app will cover your biology and physics studying needs with pre-made flashcards and practice tests to help you study efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

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