WordPress is a quite capable piece of software. It crafts with the versatility, and most of the characteristics you need to whip up an expert website. The WordPress content administration system is essentially the platform where the website is created from. It is not very superior and does not allow a lot of functionality by itself. Therefore plugins are created to fill this information gap and enable the users to improve their website, enhance its functionality, and make the user experience better. Some essential WordPress Plugins for trouble-free performance are listed below

Security Plugin

WordPress is one of the most popularly used content administration systems on the Internet which makes it a target for hackers. If you keep WordPress renewed and obey the necessary security standards, it’s a secure content management method. But one can make it even safer and secure with a security plugin.

Spam Plugin

If you have been on the Internet for even a small period of time, you identify that spam is a ridiculous problem. Akismet is an important plugin for WordPress which blocks spam. Akismet is required, mainly if you allow forms, comments, reports or any kind of user-generated material on your website. It comes with every install of WordPress. One needs to activate it through an API key from the Akismet website.

SEO Plugin

WordPress is one of the largest SEO beneficial content management systems. It does, however, have plenty of space for advancement and customization. That’s what creates “WordPress SEO by Team Yoast” so essential. This plugin works beyond just simple title tag and Meta information for fixing a lot of technical glitches, SEO issues and blending really cutting edge SEO features instantly into WordPress.


It is a simple, but important plugin that helps to permanently redirect one URL into another URL. It’s necessary because, over time, your URL links within your website will change. When the link changes, search engines and users receive a “404 Not Found page” error.

Broken Link Checker

You can avoid the issue of broken links with the help of the “Broken Link Checker plugin” which examines your content for dead links and missing pictures. If the plugin point out that something is missing out of the place, it informs the user by the email or dashboard.

My WP Backup

One can lose website at any moment due to a technical glitch, hacking or other reasons. You can rely on a safe backup solution. “My WP Backup” is a great backup plugin, by which your site will run even if hacked or website broke due to a technical glitch such as server issues or due to human error.

If you are just beginning to build your website then these plugins are very useful for WordPress website. These plugins are written in PHP language and it is well-blended WordPress. One can install as many as plugins needed for the website but make sure the plugins you install should not affect your website traffic and performance. Activating too many plugins could reduce down your site’s loading time. As users enter the website, every plugin script transfers a request to the server.

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