Essential Fashion Trends For Men This Monsoon

Are you a fashion lover? If the answer is “yes,” then you must have stocked up your wardrobe to welcome the monsoons. If not, then these fail-safe tips will help you to stay at the top of your fashion game easily.

Time to pick light materials

Wet, humid and sticky – these three words define what monsoons are like. It offers perfect weather to enjoy your beer or go out for a rain dance. But those men, who have to wear their “big boy pants” to work every day, may not feel the same. If you desire to look your best and become the fashion icon in your office, then opt for light and breathable fabrics. Materials like cotton-silk combo, linen, and 100% cotton will soak up the sweat and keep you fresh. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will look good in every situation. Try to stay away from full-sleeves during monsoons. Picking a half sleeve or roll-up sleeve shirts will offer better comfort. Apart from this, wearing clothes, made of natural and synthetic fabrics will also come in handy. These provide comfort and also keep water away.

Water-repellent jeans

College students cannot survive without jeans. But opting for normal, heavy jeans is not an ideal option for the monsoons. This material will soak up water too soon and will become heavier. If the pants soak up too much water, it will take more time to dry as well. Thus, it is wise to pick jeans, which have water-repellent qualities in them. These bottom-wears look like normal jeans but are lighter. They are available in several colors and sizes. You can team these pants with any buttoned up shirt or T-shirt, and look stylish without much effort.

Water-proof watches for extra sophistication

Watches are a “must-have” accessory for every season. But one must be careful with these magnificent machines during the rainy days. But ordinary watches will not make the cut during the monsoons. You require unique water-proof watches to add a classic touch to your outfit. Several high-end watch manufacturing companies have introduced such watches, which can keep pout water with ease.

Opt for vibrant clothes

The monsoon sky always looks grey and gloomy. It is hard to stay cheerful amidst this climatic condition. But with a little help from smart clothing, any guy can bring vibrancy back to his life. The key is to pick the right colors, which stand in perfect contrast with the weather outside. Whether you feel comfortable in formal shirts or T-shirts, make sure you step out in bright colors only. Shades of green, yellow, red, purple and bright blues will come in handy to beat the gloomy weather. These hues look good universally and cheer up your mood as well. Just team the trousers accordingly, and you are good to go.

Invest in water-proof shoes

No season can force a fashion-lover to compromise with style. Many guys cultivate the notion that monsoon is all about wrapping themselves up in raincoats. If you possess adequate information about styling your outfits, then you need not worry about looking drab in any season. No matter what the weather is outside, you will make heads turn when you step out in your monsoon-appropriate attires. A lot depends on the shoes a man picks. Rainy days can ruin your original leather footwear. It is wise to opt for something that will resist water. Shoes made of synthetic material keep water away. Even if these get wet, they dry up almost instantly. Flip-flops will come in handy during casual outings, while water-proof running shoes from Nike brand will help you get along with your exercise routines. Water-proof boots are available in different designs and colors as well. Don’t forget to stock up on these to look dapper during this monsoon.

Best time to sport trench coats

Summer and spring days are not perfect for trench coats. So, they stay locked up in men’s wardrobe for the most part of the year. Rainy season is the best time to flaunt your trench coats in style. No matter what you are wearing underneath, a simple trench coat will immediately add sophistication to the ensemble. Trench coats not only save your clothes from muddy water, but they also give a classing look. It is mandatory to opt for water-proof trench coats, which wick-off water easily. Though people like to go from black, browns, and greys, you can try bright colored trench coats, if you are confident that you will be able to carry them with panache. Knee-length trench coats are very popular with men.

Shorts and knee-length pants

Last but not the least; it is rather hard to survive the rainy season without men shorts and cropped pants. Bermuda, cropped pants and shorts are a must for monsoons. These are perfect to suit the casual mood during the rainy seasons. Purchasing these shorts will not burn a hole in your pocket, and are available in various colors and patterns. So, there is something for every guy. You can check out the online stores as well as normal outlets near you. High-end fashion brands come up with “monsoon special” collection each year. If you are in no mood to spend hundreds on a pair of shorts, then check out the thrift stores.

Fashion and style are all about defining your personal preferences. If you are not comfortable with the latest fashion trends, then you need not follow them. Your personal style will set you apart from others. With the monsoons just around the corner, don’t forget to check out special discount deals on garments. So you see; getting the best style, within budget is somewhat easy threat synonym.


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