what is GB whatsapp and Its Features

What is gbwhatsapp

As we listen usually about Whatsapp now must have gotten and then the idea is something actually concern to Whatsapp also. Using some unique and perfect software is really wonderful experience for us and same as the GBwhatsapp. Version of the WhatsApp works nicely as the original one but also offers a lot of the options and into the short time as well. It is also just extended version of app which is known as official Whatsapp app for us.

As showing in the case own and Andorid phone and also surely have the Whatsapp installed on the device before. It is also quite common thing to download the app on the phone and as this is one of the preferred messaging applications for users in all around the world. The GBwhatsapp is an alternative version of the Whatsapp supports and all the Andorid devices and we can easily download it and enjoy features.

2018 Features of gbwhatsapp

With the gbwhatsapp we can do lots of things and can also perform with the official one as well and it is the best thing and version also allows up the 16 MB supportive with it. As well all know Whatsapp is the most preferred and widely used messaging app and has undoubtedly transformed way mobile gadgets in all around the world. Available here the best features important to understand about gbwhatsapp.

  • We can easily send and receive size up to the 50 MP and cannot do with the official Whatsapp as the complete version being use,
  • Easy to get send up to 100 images at once while using GBwhatsApp and with the official one,
  • It is also easy to hide status as typing the status, last seen and double ticks and blue sticks for,
  • People can also set a group name with the different 35 characters and cannot do with the original one,
  • Will be easy for us to change the theme of Whatsapp and talk to the others in perfect different type of languages,
  • The Whatsapp account on the Andorid phone using GBWhatsApp absolutely free,
  • Basically into the ordinary Whatsapp accounts we can use only single Whatsapp accounts but with the GBWhatsapp we can use 2,

Auto replies setting is also allowed with this app and can also send to the contacts easily, such things are also very notable for us and it can be a great way we can easily solve to manage with the terms and conditions. It actually offers and also known about the application which is ideally a specific version of MOD WhatsApp and offers a range of added features as compared to standard WhatsApp for us.

How the GBWhatsApp works

If you are looking for the GBWhatsApp app is actually similar to usual Whatsapp apps and then can click menu options on the upper right of the applications. You will also get GBwhatsapp settings into the menu bar and GB setting option nicely having a perfect list of performance.

If you want to know then try to get latest version of GBWhatsApp applications so you have to click on the settings into the application first of all and then go the security option,

Then click on the unknown source and enable it,

Right after enabling the unknown source installs the application,

With the verification code OTP to the mobile number and it will be verified automatically.

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