Upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2021 Convert in T20 World In India

ICC champions trophy 2021

Playing the games or the sports is not exactly so much fun to us but watching the sports is really mesmerizing. ICC champions trophy is one of the main events in cricket so if you want to stay updated with keep visiting our site will inform you each and every single moment about. Even players are very much excited to play ICC champion trophy even next in 2021. It is the tournament of big players and in all around the world there is lots of who have demolished exactly.

Cricket is a game which is adored by everybody in each season. Presently uncovering here the ICC champions trophy 2021 to us and here we will reveal every last thing about this huge occasion. On the off chance that you need to find out about the cricket and what is going on into the universe of cricket are accessible here to look for the data. Cricket fans are being expanding step by step primary concern is about the rage and fane following of cricket in all around the globe.

ICC tournament History

  • 1998)

In 1998 ICC champion trophy held at Bangladesh and South Africa wins by the 4 wickets and West Indies was the team as runner-up.


  • 2000)

After that in 2000 Kenya hosted and new Zeeland won by 4 wickets and India remain runner up in this big event.


  • 2002)

After 2 years in 2002 this big even hosted by Sri Lanka and match got tie and Sri Lanka and India declared as Co champions.


  • 2004)

In 2004 England hosted and West Indies won by 2 wickets and England got a status as runner up.


  • 2006)

2006 year event hosted by India Australia won by 8 wickets and West Indies got runner up on that time.


  • 2009)

South Africa hosted event in 2009 Australia got a win by 6 wickets and defeat West Indies and West Indies stand runner up.


  • 2013)

Year 2013 India won and England and Wales hosted and England got runner up status for champion trophy.


  • 2017)

2017 England and Wales hosted this mega event and Pakistan destroys India with a great margin of 180 runs into the history of ICC champion trophy and also into the Cricket history.


  • 2021)

2021 ICC champion Trophy is awaited and hoped will be a big event in the world.

Planning for 2021 ICC champions Trophy

Now revealing that ICC champions trophy exactly planned to be as the ninth edition of champion trophy by ICC a one day international cricket tournament and was also scheduled to be help in India right between the 21 October and 14 November 2021. ICC on Thursday sounded the death of knell of the champions’ trophy and second biggest 50 over tournament after the world cup for us and also for our enjoyment.

Who is opener for the ICC champion trophy?

With one best even the Australia is taking on South Africa. Actually with the one world T20 already slated for the 2020 in Australia there will now be two t20 world championships in single successive years. After the world cup even ICC champion trophy is the one big even we are going to explore and have. ICC offices addressing the media ICC chief executive Dave Richardson disclosed the member nations had voted unanimously for the exact switch at is the board meeting right into the February.

Pakistan India Cricket issues are quite complicated

Also the Richardson announced and meant that BCCI representative as voted in the favor of change right after the good and initial opposition to the right movement. Actually there will be 2019 champions trophy in India and now change to the world T20 and fits into strategy of growing the game Cricket and said at a media conference at the end of meeting very nicely.

Moreover additionally ICC Board were provided with update on the ongoing suspension of the Nepal and somehow following an ICC delegation to the Nepal at the end of the January ICC board were informed as general meeting is held perfectly. ICC board will also readmitted to membership at the ICC annual conference in the month of June.

ICC champion trophy rotting away

Champion trophy are ruining so much of the game many love as they concentrate on the T20 money and power and also ludicrous test final is the exact straw for game attentions and attractions.

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