Experience the Development Modernity in Salesforce Projects

Salesforce DX: Experience the Development Modernity in Salesforce Projects

Salesforce DX is the latest paradigm and is released with a set of utilities that are mainly focused on the motivation to streamline the working process for Salesforce developers. The beta version of this development channel was announced back in 2016 with a promise from Salesforce which stated the introduction and enhancement of the traditional source-driven development.

The development with Salesforce DX is quite different from the previous Salesforce development efforts, as the DX platform allows the development campaign to run on various branches before getting merged into one single branch with the development in the project. Here are some of the important attributes of the Salesforce DX laid down by professional websites such as Flosum.com:

Introduction to Scratch Orgs

Salesforce DX comes with the latest development tools that boast of making the life and work easier for Salesforce professionals and admins who develop business applications. In order to keep the promise, the DX development platform has been packed with scratch orgs, which are highly dynamic and easy on-the-go development settings. Earlier, the Salesforce development platform used to run the application development procedures based on dev orgs that used to remain active even long after their usage. However, with Salesforce DX, this issue has been resolved, as scratch orgs can be easily built and disposed of after their use. Also, with scratch orgs, you can simplify your ongoing production system by sharing your scratch orgs with other developers for further review and analysis.

Sharp, Source Driven Development

Probably the best part of the announcement of the DX platform is that developers and admins can now leverage the new version control capabilities. The feature that makes Salesforce DX impressive is the flexibility it offers the developers to administer source content and version control by utilizing specific preferred tools such as Bitbucket. The latest collaboration support that comes with the Salesforce DX enables you to version control from anything to everything including metadata, org configuration, your code and many more. From now onwards, developers can have their version control system which would be a common source for metadata and source code rather than the Dev orgs.

Ability to Choose Your Favorite Tools

With Salesforce DX, there will be now no distance between the development platform and the development tools, as it allows developers to pick the tools that they like to put into the application in their development process. This improves and simplifies the workflow, owing to the open APIs and command line interface structure used in making the DX platform. While making use of the command line available in the Salesforce DX, you can easily create scratch orgs and new development projects in the tool of your preference. After that, you can utilize the Salesforce DX command line for wrapping up all the project requirements.

Meet Your Needs by Building Development Environments

The Force.com IDE has been revitalized with the latest Eclipse plug-in that is initiated on the top of the Salesforce DX CLI. This allows developers to have an insight into the things that are taking place in the IDE. Moreover, it keeps you updated regarding the changes and transitions that are required in the IDE according to the enhancements in the community.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce DX has revamped the application development procedures and has made developers focus more on quick innovation. With updated features and latest tools, you can expect Salesforce DX to help you in developing software in a much creative way.

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