5 Online jobs To Help You Earn Extra Money

Making extra money is imperative nowadays, regardless of where you live. This is especially true when a family has a single breadwinner: a sole income can prove insufficient leaving several things desired.

Hence, having one or more sources of income is very vital. Further, an online job can also be taken by a spouse who is unable to hold regular employment or teenagers adept onthe Internet.

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Internet penetration in India is growing rapidly and will touch the 500 million mark by June 2018.

Easier availability of inexpensive smart-phones and proliferation of Fourth Generation (4G) mobile Internet makes it possible for everyone to go online, regardless of their location.

Online jobs can be performed anytime: barring a few, there are no deadlines. They pay fairly well, depending upon nature of the job.

And finally, you can easily find online jobs that suit your education and skills.[/su_box]


Top 5 Online Jobs

Finding an online job is fairly easy: all you need is a valid email ID. Register on any excellent employment portal that offers online jobs.

This way, you can apply for online work and get alerts about any new vacancies. The other way is to register as a memberof top companies that pay for completing various tasks online.

The best part of these online jobs is to provide you enough opportunity to Earn money online without investment.

Here we look at top 5 online jobs to suit basic to expert level skills.

1)     Data Entry Operator

For people with basic computer skills and some knowledge of English, Hindi or a regional language, working online as data entry operator is an excellent job that can be done from home.

This online job best suits housewives and students who wish to earn extra money during their spare time.

A search on any reputed employment portal will display numerous data entry jobs in your area.

As data entry operator, you will be given raw information such as paper forms or word documents.

You have to fill this information in the format that your employer provides. Generally, the employer will provide the necessary software containing the format in which the data has to be entered.

If you get raw data online, all you need do is copy and paste the information such as name, address, gender and other details under appropriate heads in the required format.

2)     Social Media Manager

You can work online as social media manager if you have sufficient skills in handling Facebook and Twitter- the most popular social media platforms in India.

Nowadays, businesses small and large look for social media managers who can post excellent and relevant content on their behalf.

Additionally,you will have to respond to comments made by customers and followers on these posts.

Your interpersonal skills also come handy because some comments may be unpleasant and cause damage to your employer’s business.

Hence, you need to handle them tactfully without hurting a client while taking care of your company’s interest.

Social media manager or social media assistant jobs are fairly easy to find online through reputed job portals.

This too is an online job that can be easily done from home or even with your smart-phone having reliable Internet connectivity.

Further, your location is not a hindrance since the job is entirely online.

3)     Associate Marketing

Associate marketing is also called affiliate marketing. It is an excellent way to earn money even when you are employed.

However, to enter affiliate marketing you should own a website or blog. Associate or affiliate marketing involves promoting a product or service online through your website or blog.

You will provide links to various products and services that your website or blog speaks about. Every time someone clicks on the product link and makes a purchase, you get money from the company with whom you are an affiliate marketer.

In India, online retailers including Amazon and Flipkart offer the facility to become their associate or affiliate marketer.

All you need to do is sign-up for the affiliate marketing programs of these online stores.

They provide you Internet-based tools that help you easily create links for their products and services.

These links have to be inserted into appropriate content on your website or blog. Associate marketers receive between two and 12 percent of the value of the goods (excluding taxes) whenever someone makes a purchase from your link.

Payments are generally made within 60 days of the order delivery.

4)     Online Tutor

Providing online training in a variety of specialized subjects is a growing trend in India. Especially for people who have qualifications and skills in a technical subject.

Currently, all Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in the country are facing a severe shortage of skilled tutors who can provide classroom training for students.

The situation has worsened since the demand for engineering, non-engineering and vocational courses at ITI centers in the country has grown exponentially, thanks to the Skills India Program.

Online tutoring can be done from home provided you have the necessary qualifications and a flair for teaching.

There is two way to do online tutoring: one is by signing up as an online coach with any educational institute.

The other is by opening your own business. Online coaching can be provided in a variety of fields such as cooking, fitness, engineering and management studies or even school subjects.

5)     YouTube Videos

If you are passionate about making videos and have sufficient creative skills, open your free channel on YouTube.

However, becoming a YouTuber needs very high-level skills for creating videos on a subject or theme that will attract large viewers to your channel.

Additionally, you will need skills and equipment for editing raw videos. Giving subtitles to these videos in different languages increases your subscriber base.

YouTube is owned by Google, which also runs the Google AdSense program.

You will have to register as AdSense user for your YouTube channel. Every time someone accesses your videos, Google will display advertisements relevant to the subject or based upon search history of the viewer.

Google pays you some money for displaying these ads and more if your viewer buys something through these advertisements by clicking on your YouTube channel.

Money in Spare Time

Another excellent way to earn money online is by becoming a member of paid online survey community on any reputed website. Once you register as a member, the company will send you various surveys that match your geographical location and interests you mention while enrolling.

Completing paid online surveys and other tasks such as testing computer games, writing product reviews and referring friends and relatives to enroll as members help you make some money online.

However, the amount will not make you rich since surveys are not available daily. The money you get is reasonable but not sizeable enough for serious savings or spending.

In Conclusion

There is no shortage of online jobs to suit all levels of education and skills. People with expert level command in English and a foreign or regional language and provide services like online translations.

There is also a high demand for medical transcriptionists and medical coders in this country. Very skilled professionals can join foreign crowd-sourcing platforms to participate in projects for very large companies.

These projects allow you to network with peers around the world and work on tasks that require very high degree professionalism. You can select any online job and make extra money.


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