Why Google is not Indexing Website or New Page Soon

Google is one of the top search engine and it has apply new policy within 1 or 2 month ago which aim was to stop spam websites such as duplicate articles website, spin article and used of keywords in articles because these types of websites was not good for google visitors. Google want unique ideas and tips from websites holders.

Which Type of Information Google Want?

1 – New Ideas

Google want from any website unique ideas not other websites have like that. Topic must new and fresh but if you want to write old topic then all heading must be unique and useful for readers.

2 – Tips Type Content

Anyone write new article but use keywords, it mean google will ignore it because use of keywords never considered informative content. Write new article on tips which will be solid not fake tips.

3 – Content Must Be Start With WHY, What etc

When you start content it will be start with Q type because Q type content and then its answer will be good in google eyes and one more then do not use keywords in google because quality content will be automatically on google first position soon.

4 – Latest Story

Google always like new story but it will be from USA, UK and also from Pakistan, it must be true story not fake because fake story will be not good for your website.

Don’t Use Following Points in Content

Do not use some bad following points because google hate these points in content when you write and publish on your site.

1 – Use of Keywords

After the google new policy update, lots of top sites ranking come down because of use of keywords in content. When you write new article do not use even single keyword in your content only write Q type content and also give answer of it.

2 – Difficult English

Only write content in simple words but not in difficult language because some people cannot understand your tough English which cause they will come in your site and go to other without spending any time and google will thing it is not good site. Your website spam score will be increased which will show negative points to your website’s visitors.

How Can Google Index Website In One Day

It is very difficult Q these days because before 2 month ago, when you update new post and submit in google for indexing it, google index your page same time but after the new policy of google, your page not index within 2 days also because of above points in google.

There are some points of you follow, your website will be index within one day

1 – Write unique content

2 – USA Writer must write your content

3 – Tips type content need

4 – Do not use keywords in content

5 – Start with Why, What, and also end with full answer.

6 – Use all unique images not take from google


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