Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone X

Well we’re going to open debate, and as we all know, the public has been divided on the new iPhone X, the design, perhaps the price, or some of the functions such as facial recognition can make you love it. Hopefully this article can give you some consideration before deciding to buy this advanced product. Just keep reading on! Come to back up any iPhone contents with the powerful iPhone Manager.

Screen: the screen includes the news that perhaps should have had in the generation, but we will not be exciting. The 5.8 “ screen is ideal from edge to edge and from the bottom end to almost the top end.Supported by an OLED panel that promises a drastic change in brightness, colors, sharpness … it will simply look much better than in all other iPhone models. The screen is the most visible sector that distinguishes this generation from previous generations. The iPhone X screen seems to be a revolution in the development of smartphone technology.

Autonomy: Apple promises that the iPhone X will have two hours more autonomy than the iPhone 7, this makes, more or less, about 15 hours of actual use. If my iPhone 7 came at the end of the day with 30%, and sometimes more, now we could think even with no need to charge every day, or perhaps even with the ability to say goodbye to all powerbank and pocket batteries. Wireless charging: finally includes wireless charging, it is compatible with all Qi-type accessories, so we do not need to buy an Apple wireless charger but any third-party brand will be worth it. This product seems to be made more universal so it is easier to use in various situations and conditions.

Performance: year after year the iPhone is going to be more powerful and it is undoubtedly a phone to last many, many years. You can see the full specifications on Apple’s official site and to find out how good the performance is, it’s better to try running some basic apps.

Camera: It has more luminous lens, with better focus giving the front camera necessary improvements with portrait mode. Recording at 4K and at 60fps could leave many amateur video cameras in the market in the drawer, and even if we add a handheld stabilizer it could be perfectly used at a professional level.

4 drawbacks of the iPhone X

Price: They have literally risen to the vine, it is not that we say that more than € 1,000 for a phone can be abusive. Is it worth it to pay so much for a phone? I am currently using a Moto G5 of just € 200 and call, send WhatsApp messages, I can keep up with the news on social networks … more than enough for many users. This leads us to think that we could really have an iPhone 7 or at most an iPhone 8 and we would have covered our technological needs without having to donate a kidney.

Hollow in the screen: That the screen look great does not mean that we are 100% agree on the decision to cut the top of the screen for implementing sensors and front cameras. They could have made the phone slightly longer and maintained the screen size; or as other colleagues point out, simply do not make a recess but a straight cut. Does it look so bad? Imagine if you are watching a movie and how it has the cut you miss some kind of detail … or on a web page we could lose a small (yes, tiny) part of the information … or in a photograph we could be editing it and not see that in that part there is a piece of finger that appears and we could have deleted before printing it … there are many details of the day to day that with this gap, honestly, we will have to live and, at least to me, it does not end to convince.

Elimination of Touch ID:  We know that the use of Touch ID can be replaced by another type of technology, multitasking now is not double click but sliding a finger: ok, we can get used to it. To return to the main screen the same, another tactile gesture and slide: ok, I can also end up getting used to it. I’m not worth the excuse that Apple commented “we went from the mechanical buttons to tactile gestures” because by this absurd rule they should have eliminated the silence switch. But the thing is not here, imagine the circus that must be done when we want to pay in a store and the dataphone is not as in the cool stores of America, that is, there is a counter and the saleswoman can not move the tangle of cables. .. we can not use Apple Pay ? Will we recognize the face through a counter ? I still think it is a bad solution. And we no longer talk about when we have it on a table, will it be able to be unlocked in that position?

Crystal, is not exactly the most resistant material, nor the scratches of everyday life nor a fall. In addition many users claim the matt black model and many others a little more colorful as the pink gold that is so fashionable nowadays … it is curious and will undoubtedly be a reason to meditate the purchase.

However, especially dedicated to the detractors that you will be enjoying with these four disadvantages, most likely the iPhone X will be the best smartphone on the market now up to the next few months, at a high price without a doubt, but the best. In the end this is a smartphone for certain circles and not addressed to just anyone. Every Apple product is made exclusively and is always sold more expensive than other devices in its class. If you need more info, you can take help.

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