Shameel famous tik tok

Full name is shameel zahid and he is a beautiful Pakistani social media star and has earned popularity with lip synciping application and the famous Tik Tok & Instagram. Very swiftly he owned 1.232M+ fans and followers on tik tok. He is considered like one of the most popular stars on tik tok in Pakistan. His birth date is May 13, 2004. With the passage of time there are lots of people trying to become popular on Instagram and tik tok but only that person can beat to lead who as guts and attraction of people so as the shameel own. There are lots of reasons behind his success and successful popularity and very few of them we are discussing right here.



Shameel zahid Future planning


Shameel zahid is basically from Faisalabad and in an interview when asked what actually Shameel’s father does. He replied “his father is in the IT businesses” and then he said he is not at all interested in Father’s business.


Reasons of becoming so popular


  • It is fact Tik Tok became famous due to the connectivity with Instagram.
  • Day by day millions of people are sharing their videos on Instagram and Tik tok.
  • Posting and publishing very good quality content.
  • Sharing excellent and videos via Tik tok.
  • Due to pointing accurate information and ideas with tik tok videos.
  • Promoting the latest and avoiding repeated and copyied content of videos.


Shameel zahid’s family business backdrop narration


Major Shahnawaz-ul-hassan (Shameel’s Grandfather) based the pasban IT group and work to endorse a series of success. The whole business is consisted upon welfare actions and procedures on the part of institutions which actually strive for the people well-being. Such efforts aim to improve the good and financial positions for people who deserve. So as the ownership of pas ban IT group are really God fearing and wealthy to serve the people, that could be a reason of success.


Why shameel zahid is famous as Pakistan’s richest kid?


There could be lots of reasons for his fame but one the major reasons is that as from the good family background history and wealthy business history people think he is the richest kid. Another thing is that in his all videos some of the things are shown which usually the rich people mostly do not have like Ferrari, Lamborghini and lots of other costly and valuable vehicles, costly appearances, precious gadgets and I phones.

As becoming popular in tik tok there are lots of interviews has come across of shameel and such kind of interviews are also considered the reason of popularity. So as his appurtenance and behavior is adorable to make him a good and popular in Pakistan. He also looks as a star and brightening with his innocence and the way he talks with full of humor looks very beautiful.

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